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Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio

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Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio
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Map - Poster Map Folio
Release date
January 27, 2016

Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting accessory for the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path, featuring cartography by Robert Lazzaretti and Ben Wootten, was released on January 27, 2016.

Rebels in the Streets!Fight to break the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune's control over a large expanse of Cheliax with the Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio! Seek high adventure while battling diabolical foes or map your party's progress through the streets of Kintargo with these three massive poster maps designed for use with the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path.

These huge, lavishly illustrated poster maps depict prominent locations from the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path. The first depicts Kintargo, the City of Silver, the primary setting for the campaign and a city trapped under the oppressive thumb of House Thrune. The second map portrays Vyre, the City of Masks, a place where one can find any imaginable vice. The third map shows Kintargo in a different light—a beautifully illustrated look at the city from a bird's-eye view. These maps can also be used as player handouts, so the heroes can plan their attacks and gain a greater insight into the streets they're working to free.

Whether you need elaborate city maps or stunning posters, these beautiful maps are the perfect resource for the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path or any fantasy campaign.