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Mummy's Mask Poster Map Folio

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Mummy's Mask Poster Map Folio
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Map - Poster Map Folio
Release date
July 2014

The Mummy's Mask Poster Map Folio, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting accessory featuring cartography by Rob Lazzaretti and Ben Wootten, was released in July 2014.

Charting the DesertExplore the vast deserts of Osirion, a land of rich history and adventure in the Pathfinder campaign setting, with the Mummy's Mask Poster Map Folio. Pore over masterful cartography and plan countless adventures with these three massive poster maps designed for use with the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path.

Huge, lavishly illustrated poster maps depict two of the sister cities of the Sphinx Basin: Wati, the Half-City (the setting for the first Mummy's Mask adventure) and Tephu, the city of the reed people. The third map is a giant player-oriented illustration of Osirion, presented as an ink-and-parchment drawing of the nation, complete with sketches of some of the denizens and dangers found among the dunes! Whether you're looking for a dusty riverside city or a mysterious regional map to inspire adventure, these beautiful maps are the perfect resource for the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path or any fantasy campaign.