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Demons Revisited

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Demons Revisited
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64 pages
Rule set
August 2013

Demons Revisited, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by James Jacobs, was released in August 2013.

Lords of SinDemons have plagued heroes since the dawn of time; their brutality and ferocity matched by few foes, and their capacity for cruelty and destruction seemingly without end. They are legion, as varied as the countless mortal sins that give them birth and ever eager for new opportunities to destroy the works of humanity, if only as a prelude to the lingering painful deaths they so love to visit upon the flesh. Yet despite the danger, arrogant mortals remain fascinated by demons, and work tirelessly to conjure and subjugate them to their will. To the demon host, these mortals are their favorites, for they are the key by which these fiends shall inherit the world!

Demons Revisited presents 10 of the game's most infamous and notorious demons, providing details on the sins that spawn each type, what roles they play on the Abyss, and what particular devastations they prefer to wreak on the mortal realm, given the chance. In addition to advice on how to use these demons in your game, each chapter presents rules for specialized half-fiend templates—half-demons designed specifically to evoke the features and powers of a fiendish parent. In addition, each chapter presents a list of unique and unusual named demons drawn both from the past several years of Pathfinder products and new demonic characters for your villains (or perhaps even your PCs) to conjure up, along with a full stat block for some of the most powerful demons of their kind.

Inside this book, you'll find:

  • Babaus, slime-dripping demons born from the sin of murder.
  • Balors, the greatest of the demon races and rulers of their own Abyssal realms.
  • Glabrezus, honey-tongued demons of treachery capable of granting mortals their fondest wishes... for horrific prices.
  • Hezrous, the squat and squamous toad demons born from the souls of poisoners and polluters.
  • Invidiaks, known also as shadow demons—fiends of envy who exist only to possess the bodies of the living for their own nefarious desires.
  • Mariliths, demonic multi-armed generals born from the souls of the most arrogant and proud evil souls.
  • Nabasus, gluttonous demons with the ability to steal and bestow death and command legions of the undead.
  • Nalfeshnees, enormous greed-fueled boar demons that serve the Abyss itself in strange and unknowable ways.
  • Succubi, beautiful but deadly seductresses who use charm, subtlety, and mind-control to achieve power.
  • Vrocks, bestial and foul avian demons born of wrath and hate.