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Titles The Yellow City
Nation Katapesh
Size Large city
Population 13,700
Demographics 5,200 humans, 1,400 gnolls, 440 halflings, 380 ratfolk, 220 half-orcs, 150 elves, 80 half-elves, 830 others, and 5,000 slaves of various races
Government Overlord
Alignment Neutral evil
Adjective Okeno
Ruler Governor Morio Midasi
Leader Xiren Bhey, Captain of the Okeno Slavers

Source: The Whisper Out of Time, pg(s). 62-67

The harbor city of Okeno, located on the southern coast of Stonespine Island off the eastern shore of Katapesh, is the third-largest city in Katapesh. Its bustling slave markets host up to 1,000 slavers, buyers, and travelers at any given time.[1]


Also known as the Yellow City, Okeno sprawls into a jigsaw of districts, once one moves away from Yellow Harbor, and no walls surround the settlement. The island has a large population of gnolls who often come to the city to purchase slaves.[1][2]


Okeno originally began as a convenient spot for pirates to stop by to collect water and provisions without relying on the ports of the mainland nations. This location became an official settlement in 3496 AR when Captain Ilmatis Okeno declared herself lord of the port. After her death, Okeno continued to serve as a pirate port without centralised leadership, despite various attempts to unify the pirates under a single banner. This state of affairs ended in 3721 AR when an organised group of Andoren sailors grew tired of slave-trading pirates, and took it upon themselves to sink the vessels and rescue their living cargo. This conflict, and the inevitable retaliation, became known as the Year of Rent Sails.

During the conflict, a captain by the name of Lash-Handed Neguli blockaded Okeno harbor, sinking any ship (regardless of affiliation) who refused to ally with him. The result was the creation of a new organisation, the Okeno Slavers, who held control of the city and the slave trade.

The captain of the Okeno Slavers often meets with the city's mayor to discuss the slave trade and identify problems. The current leader is Captain Xiren Bhey.[3]


Okeno boasts the most profitable slave markets, known as the Fleshfairs. The slaves are carried by Okeno's well-known yellow-sailed slave galleys.[4][5] Criminals in the city are usually sent to the slave markets, hence the city's low crime rate.[1] Aasimars are particularly valued as slaves for their physical perfection meaning that they normally fetch a much higher price at auction than regular slave stock.[6]

Places of interest

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A shrine of Gozreh is maintained by the siblings Niharo and Owayu. Owayu spends most of her time at the docks to provide blessings and to advise sailors of approaching storms while Niahro dispenses information to travelers heading to Katapesh and advice about cross-country travel.[7]


Up until 200 years ago, the Okeno Slavers were the de facto rulers of Okeno, but this arrangement dissolved with the appointment of an official city mayor. Okeno's current ruler, Morio Midasi enforces the few laws with ruthless consistency.[1][3]


Paizo published a major article about Okeno in The Whisper Out of Time.

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