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Wish magic

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Rank (2E)
Ritual 10
Source: Player Core, pg(s). 395
Limited wish

Level (1E)
Source: Core Rulebook (First Edition), pg(s). 305

Level (1E)
Source: Core Rulebook (First Edition), pg(s). 370

Wish magic, also known as wishcraft,1 is a form of magic in which reality itself is remade to suit the wishes of its wielder and is among the most powerful forms of magic. Wishes can make and unmake nations, ascend mortals to divinity and upend pantheons, and raise from death beings that otherwise cannot be resurrected.23

For mortals, this most often takes the form of the wish ritual, which requires tremendous expertise and as much as 100,000 gold pieces of wealth for a single attempt. The ritual can draw the attention of powerful forces, including deities, to attempt to disrupt the ritual since no power in the multiverse can reverse its result.2

Very powerful artifacts such as the Moon card from a deck of many things,4 and certain creatures such as genies (see Among genies) and vespergaunts5 can also grant wishes.

Wish magic can be capricious in nature. Carelessly stated wishes can have unintended consequences, and utterly failed attempts can wreak havoc and entrap, curse, or destroy those who attempted to make it.26

Among genies

Genie shuyookhs of the Elemental Planes are particularly renowned for their ability to grant wishes to mortals as often as thrice per year, though each type of genie implements such wishes in distinct ways often counter to mortal desires.

  • Jabali shuyookhs of the Plane of Earth are the most straightforward and economical wish granters among genie-kind.7
  • Ifrit shuyookhs of the Plane of Fire are the most pedantic, with a cruel tendency to grant the wish with the most suffering possible.8
  • Zhura shuyookhs of the Plane of Metal are mercurial in their wish-granting, and the results are often inherently unstable or temporary. They often use their long isolation from the rest of the multiverse as an excuse to wildly misinterpret requested wishes.9
  • Faydhaan shuyookhs of the Plane of Water attempt to please as many people as possible in a diplomatic manner when granting wishes.10
  • Kizidhar shuyookhs of the Plane of Wood grant wishes to mortals in ways that are most likely to also benefit themselves. They particularly enjoy seeding ideas for wishes that they want to grant and improving the wish's contents with elements unique to each kizidhar shuyookh.11
  • Jann shuyookhs of the Plane of Air grant wishes in ways that encourage the requester to explore and improve themselves.12

While most genies can fail, if rarely, in their attempts to grant wishes, janns always succeed.12 Many genie wish granters prefer to redistribute existing objects or materials when granting wishes over creating new matter,36 and are more likely to reward (or avoid corrupting) simple, modest wishes over those that would reshape broad swaths of reality.3

Mortal geniekin descendants of genie shuyookhs do not inherit wishcraft, though some retain enough of a spark of wish magic to affect minor, temporary changes that they wish into existence, such as miraculously repairing a mundane mechanism.13


Wish magic involves powerful reality-altering forces, and many wishes granted in a short span of time and space can result in reality becoming locally unstable. Such phenomena are known as wishwarps and can manifest as light, sound, and other senses behaving unusually and spellcasting having wildly unpredictable outcomes.14

On Golarion

Wish magic was in part responsible for the destruction of Tar-Baphon during the Shining Crusade, when he wished for the heart of General Arnisant to be transported into his hand. The Shield of Aroden blocked the spell but was destroyed in the process; however, a shard of the shield became embedded in Tar-Baphon's hand and consumed him in holy fire.1516

Other parts of Golarion have been shaped by wish magic, including:


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