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Karzoug, runelord of greed and master transmuter.
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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 211f.
This article is about the school of magic. For the Nethysian holiday, see Transmutatum.

Transmutation, sometimes called transfiguration,1 or transformation,2 is one of the eight schools of magic recognized on Golarion. As its name suggests, it deals with the transmutation or transformation of objects and people, or the changing of one of their attributes.3 Wizards who specialize in this school of magic are known as transmuters.4

On Golarion

Among the Varisian people, this type of magic is known as "avaria".5

Notable transmuters

  • The ice mages of Irrisen are known to be focus largely on transmutation spells, especially those that deal with manipulating all forms of water.6
  • The wizards of the land of Nex are said to have a strong preference for this form of magic.78
  • The Runelord of Greed Karzoug who was destroyed in 4708 AR was said to have been one of the most powerful transmuters of all time.9 His servant, the stone giant Mokmurian, who was killed the year before, was a powerful transmuter as well.10

Sin magic

During the reign of the runelords of ancient Thassilon, transmutation was associated with the sin of greed, and was therefore the specialty of Karzoug, ruler of Shalast.11


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