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Emissary from Beyond

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Emissary from Beyond

Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 3-4, 26-27

The Emissary from Beyond is a vespergaunt who serves the Dominion of the Black. When Gelviel Zorriah used the orrery of distant worlds to make contact with distant beings, the Emissary sent him visions impersonating Desna to inspire Gelviel to create a spaceship, which Gelviel named the Lirgen's Glory.

In 4656 AR, 56 years after the Lirgen's Glory left Golarion, the Emissary intercepted the spaceship, revealed itself as the source of Gelviel's visions, and hijacked the ship by corrupting the crew's dream crystals. Its goal: to return to Golarion and prepare it for the Dominion.1


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