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An ifrit, a type of geniekin
Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Varies
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Source: Blood of the Elements

Genies and other elemental creatures are able to breed with mortals, giving rise to the races collectively known as geniekin (sometimes, but more rarely, spelt as genie kin or genie-kin). Ifrits are the result of unions with fire creatures such as efreet, oreads with earth creatures such as shaitan, sylphs with air creatures such as djinn, undines with water creatures such as marids, and suli with jann.[1][2] Though usually half-human—from a human and genie parent—geniekin may be born from other combinations of humanoids and elemental beings.[3]


The earliest known geniekin were not descended from genies at all, but from Ancient Osirian humans who performed magical rituals to infuse themselves with raw elemental essence, giving rise to the ifrit, oread, sylph, and undine races; these geniekin married back into human families, giving rise to elemental bloodlines of sorcerers.[4]

With the rise of Kelesh and its genie-binders, many Keleshites engaged in liaisons with summoned genies, bringing many half-blooded hybrids into the world. These "half-genies" were looked down upon in Qadira for being the bastard children of captives, and many fled to Osirion to escape persecution. Here they intermarried with Garundi with elemental bloodlines, bringing about a new generation of geniekin. Following the fall of Keleshite power in modern Osirion, these geniekin are respected as a symbol of strength through the blending of cultures.[4]

On Golarion

Geniekin (particularly sulis) are most commonly found today on the continent of Casmaron.[5]


Paizo published a major work about geniekin called Blood of the Elements.

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