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Sunset Imports

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Sunset Imports is a harborfront import house in Kintargo that was among the city's wealthiest companies until losing its contracts with House Thrune in 4715 AR.12


The fortunes of Sunset Imports and its owner Sedranni Vashnarstill were built around a contract from House Thrune importing goods from Cheliax's colony of Anchor's End in distant Arcadia. However, this contract was revoked and moved to another importer in the southern city of Corentyn.12

After the secession Ravounel from Cheliax, Vashnarstill tried to negotiate an exclusive contract with the ruling Silver Council by staging lavish events, but the more pragmatic and libertarian council sought to foster competition instead of exclusivity and shunned her Chelish-style pageantry as unfashionable and unpatriotic. Out of desperation, she then turned to dealing in secret with the criminal Scarlet Triad ca. 4719 AR.2


Sunset Imports operates from a 10,800-square-foot rectangular warehouse with a facade of stone streaked with silver, 25-foot ceilings, and lantern lighting. Its main entrance is a 15-foot door on its western side that opens into a luxurious showroom. Three loading piers extend from the warehouse into the Yolubilis Harbor.2


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