Lady Docur's School for Girls

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Lady Docur's School for Girls is the oldest of the many private schools that exist in the Villegre district of Kintargo and, as such, is somewhat overshadowed by the larger, much more famous Alabaster Academy. Lady Docur's School was founded and is still run by its forlorn elven headmistress Lady Mialari Docur. She founded the school approximately three centuries ago when educating young ladies in the way of the elves was all the rage. Times have changed and now the students are primarily female half-elves from across Cheliax, Isger, and Molthune. The seemingly innocent school harbours a strange secret however, for Lady Docur educates the most talented of her students in not only etiquette but also espionage. Those she deems her most promising students are recruited into a secretive organisation of spies and messengers called the Lacunafex that operates across Cheliax and often cooperates with the Kintargo-based Sacred Order of Archivists.1


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