Kintargo Dottari

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Kintargo Dottari
A member of the Kintargo Dottari.

City guards
Enforce the rule of Barzillai Thrune (previously)
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 61

Under Chelish rule, the guards and wardens of the city of Kintargo were known as the Kintargo Dottari.1 The name dottari is used to denote Chelish city guards elsewhere in the country, such as the Westcrown Dottari.2


In the decades before Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune arrived and scoured the city's dottari, it had a reputation for being loose with enforcing the city's laws, which cost it at least one recruit.3

Under Thrune

Under Lord-Mayor Thrune, they were commanded by Duxotas Vannases Trex, who was the city's "high warden" and answered only to Thrune.1


The Chelish emblem, used on dottari uniforms.

Under Chelish rule, members of the Kintargo Dottari wore black leather or chainmail armor trimmed in red, and the Chelish emblem (a red circle quartered by a cross) on their shields.4

The dottari also served as the city's excrutiators and meted out public corporal punishment against prisoners on Lord-Mayor Thrune's orders. In this role, they wore black leather trousers and chainmail aprons with hoods that obscured their faces.5


Duxotas Trex was appointed by Lord-Mayor Thrune upon his appointment to the city by House Thrune. She demands loyalty and compliance from her subordinates, many of whom were also brought from outside of Kintargo by Lord-Mayor Thrune to replace existing dottari officers.1

In most of Kintargo, its dottari patrolled in groups of three and actively enforced Lord-Mayor Thrune's 9 a.m.-to-6 p.m. curfew alongside the sanctioned Chelish Citizens' Group militia.6


The dottari maintained a central barracks and administrative space in Castle Kintargo, and staffed several towers within the city's walls.1 These towers also contained holding cells for criminals and political detainees before being transferred to the Holding House or Kintargo Keep.7


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