Temple Hill (Kintargo)

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The Temple Hill district is the highest point on Argo Isle side of Kintargo and houses almost all of the city's religious buildings.


The district is wedged between the districts of Redroof to the east and south and Jarvis End to the west. Temple Hill centres around what is now the Temple of Asmodeus but was originally devoted to the God of Humanity, Aroden. Sat at the top of Temple Hill, this temple was the first to be built and has a commanding view overlooking the entire city. After its construction many other religions followed suit and built their temples across the hill's slope.

The coming of House Thrune changed all this, and now only a small handful of religions other than the dominant Asmodean faith are allowed to remain, and they are heavily taxed.1 The remaining temples include the unpopular Shadowsquare devoted to Zon-Kuthon, the bank-like Abadaran temple known as the House of Golden Veils, and the only church devoted to a righteous deity, Shelyn's Songbird Hall.2 This limited religious freedom is more than most of Cheliax is allowed and has helped curb the outright rebellion that always seemed to simmer just beneath the surface of Kintargan society.1


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