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Records Hall

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Sat in the aristocratic district of The Greens, the Records Hall once served as a place to store all the records of Kintargo's nobility. However, in the decades since the House Thrune's ascension, the once impeccable records have been altered, redacted and ravaged; now, the collection is a shadow of its former self. Most of the repository's shelves now lie empty and the building is off limits to all except a selected few;1 it is used by Thrune-loyalist inquisitors to mass produce proclamations and propaganda.2 It is watched over by a powerful witch named Tiarise Izoni who is a known ally of Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune.1 The building itself is squat and windowless with a main, once grand, hall that leads into the two separate wings of the archive. The building also contains lecture halls, scriptoria, reading rooms, and even a vault, protected by a fearsome hellcat, containing secrets that the powerful of Kintargo would prefer are forgotten.3


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