Jarvis End

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Jarvis End district sits just west of the centre of the southern half of Kintargo, Argo Isle. The Yolubilis River provides the district's northern border, to its north-west sits the Castle District, to the east sits Temple Hill, while Old Kintargo wraps the south and west of the district.1 Jarvis End now serves as the heart of Kintargo's entertainment and nightlife, ranging from the iconic Kintargo Opera House, theatres, restaurants and casinos, all the way down to the seedy, uniquely Kintargan, dance halls like the Three-Legged Devil. It also boasts Kintargo's diverse Foreign Quarter.2


Jarvis End is named for one of Kintargo's most prominent noble families, House Jarvis, who created the district. The Jarvis family were responsible for the land reclamation projects that helped raise the district, and much of the rest of Kintargo, above the local water level, thus shaping the modern city.2


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