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Zella Zidlii

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Zella Zidlii

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 44

Zella Zidlii is a ruthlessly evil, Varisian follower of Asmodeus who has wound up working as a redactor for the Temple of Asmodeus in Kintargo. Whilst she works for the temple, Zella is no priest, she is a Harrower who became obsessed with Asmodeus and Hell when she was studying at the Acadamae in distant Korvosa. She was so obsessed that she sold her siblings to a Chelaxian slaver in exchange for passage to Cheliax and a letter of recommendation to House Thrune. She has now served the Church of Asmodeus by providing arcane spellcasting and, though she is not a cleric, she is every bit as devout as any member of the priesthood.1


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