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Red Jills

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Red Jills

Thieves' guild
Petty crime across Kintargo
City wide (Kintargo)
Thieves' guild
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 61

The Red Jills are one of several smaller bands of criminal that operate in the Chelish city of Kintargo known for their distinctive red cloaks. Always a small band, they have stayed ahead of the law thanks to the gang's small size, secrecy, and due to them always limiting themselves to petty crimes like thievery and muggings. The Red Jills are also smart enough to never tangle with authority, avoiding anyone from the Kintargo Dottari or the Chelish Citizens' Group. The Red Jills are led by a mysterious figure known as Scarplume whom few have ever met; unbeknownst to most, Scarplume is an exiled strix of the Kitkasiticka tribe. The Red Jills have a secret lair in the Temple Hill district of Kintargo in an abandoned orphanage devoted to Aroden known as Humbright House.1


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