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First Warden

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The First Warden

Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 31, 32

The First Warden is the original warden of Kintargo's most notorious prison Kintargo Keep and now dwells within its deepest dungeons.1


Long since rotten, the First Warden wears an intimidating set of full plate armour bedecked in the symbols of her god Asmodeus.1


To most inhabitants of Castle Kintargo, the First Warden is a mere legend, a rumour of some immortal guardian of the dungeons beneath, but she is very real. An ancient warpriest dedicated to Asmodeus, she was turned into a lich and bound to the dungeons as penance for an attempt at usurping the region's Asmodean high priest in an era long past. She has spent at least a century guarding House Thrune's most dangerous enemies, but most of her charges have long since expired. Her only remaining prisoner is Jackdaw, a member of the legendary Silver Ravens, who has also now been all but forgotten.

The First Warden's mind was somewhat broken by her transformation into a lich, and she has been confined so long that she has forgotten even her own name. Desperate for any sort of company, this undead abomination proves surprisingly willing to talk with anyone she encounters since it has been decades since she last had cause to speak.1


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