House of Golden Veils

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The House of Golden Veils has served two different deities as a temple; since the Thrune Ascendancy, it has served as the house of worship for Abadar. Situated in the north-eastern corner of the Temple Hill district of Kintargo, before the draconian rule of House Thrune, the House of Golden Veils was known as the House of Satin Veils and served as the temple dedicated to the now outlawed deity Calistria. Now, the temple primarily serves as a bank as Abadar has attracted few worshipers in the rebellious city; those with a more lawful nature tend to be drawn to the much more powerful church of Asmodeus. As such, the House of Golden Veils' head priest, Mhelrem Gesteliel, focuses more on the mercantile aspect of his god, providing banking services, and also keeping a large stock of divine magic items, including a powerful scroll of raise dead.1


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