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Long Roads Coffeehouse

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The Long Roads Coffeehouse is one of numerous small restaurants, eateries, and coffee houses scattered across the Villegre district of Kintargo in Cheliax. It is located north of Villegre Park.1

Its owner, Laria Longroad, has a dedicated, if eclectic, clientele: a mixture of wide-eyed students from the Alabaster Academy and other educational institutions, alongside noble patrons from the neighbouring Greens district. The Long Roads Coffeehouse's success is partially due to the quality of its drinks and food, including traditional halfling cuisine, but it also serves as a front for Laria's connections with the illegal Bellflower Network and seemingly every other rogue and revolutionary in the city.

Hidden beneath the coffee house is a subterranean hideout known as The Wasp Nest that has long been used by smugglers and folk in need of privacy.2 The Wasp Nest once served as a secret shrine devoted to Calistria that survived the initial banning of her religion under House Thrune and boasts handy access to the sewers and storm drains.3


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