Cloven Hoof Society

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Cloven Hoof Society

Redroof district, Kintargo
Support the tieflings of Kintargo
City-wide (Kintargo)
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 67

The Cloven Hoof Society was an organisation that helped tieflings throughout the city of Kintargo. Kintargo, due to it comparative lack of interference from House Thrune, has always been more tolerant of tieflings than the rest of Cheliax, though they are still unfairly viewed as being potential criminals. Still, this is much better than the treatment tieflings can expect elsewhere, so they have historically flocked to the city. Despite this comparative acceptance, most still end up living in the slums of Devil's Nursery often doing gruelling unskilled labour. The Cloven Hoof Society was founded to help these tieflings when they first arrive in the city, but expanded to provide more general support for the tiefling community. Unfortunately, with the Night of Ashes, this all ended; the leader of the Cloven Hoof Society, Strea Vestori, went missing and the society itself collapsed. Its headquarters, known simply as 'Cloven Hoof Society' and located in the Redroof district, is now boarded up and those it formerly served desperately seek the help it once provided.1


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