North Plains

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The North Plains are a low-lying tundra north of the Menador Mountains shared equally by the nations of Cheliax and Nidal and consist of rolling hills and grassy plains.1

Found roughly between the cities of Kintargo to the west and the Usk and Southern Usk Rivers to the east,2 the North Plains are dotted with small towns and villages that face east, away from the cold, never-ending winds that blow off the Arcadian Ocean. The agriculture that is produced here mainly goes to supporting the population of Kintargo.1 It is also dotted with steaming brine springs due to local volcanic activity. The salt that is harvested from these springs is considered high quality due to its silver sheen and has become one of Kintargo's primary exports.3

The rains that water these prairies in the warmer months turn them icy in the winter, given them the appearance of a sub-arctic tundra. A fair number of halflings live here, but keep themselves hidden for fear of running afoul of the authorities of either Cheliax or Nidal.4

The faith of Desna is strong in this region, and her followers work from here to oppose the shadowy influence of Nidal.5


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