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Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Gold dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Pangolais, Nidal

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 38-39

As strange as it might seem, the gold dragon Astarathian, one of the most powerful dragons in Avistan, lives incognito and in human form in the Nidalese capital of Pangolais. He has resided there for hundreds of years, feeding the hungry and providing what help he can offer to the less fortunate.[1]


Astarathian arrived in Pangolais in the middle 43rd century AR and has been adopting new human disguises every few decades. He takes great care in selecting a new cover identity, never picking a family member of one of her previous incarnations. He has only appeared once in his true form in 4519 AR, flying over his adopted city in an event locals would name the Night of the Golden Moon.[1]


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