Mesandroth Fiendlorn

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Mesandroth Fiendlorn

Source: Nightblade, pg(s). 42

Mesandroth Fiendlorn was a Nidalese necromancer and archmage renowned for his dogged and paranoid pursuit of immortality.123


Fiendlorn's lineage of cursed descendants includes Ascaros, a shadowcaller whose body degrades with every spell due to Fiendlorn's curse.4


Fiendlorn began his pursuit of immortality in -423 AR by recruiting or forcing other magic users, including cursing his own descendants' bloodlines.1 In addition to necromancy, Fiendlorn's research resulted in innovations in abjuration and conjuration, though none are known to have advanced his cause.2

Among Fiendlorn's theories was if the possession of a mortal by a demon were possible, then a form of reverse possession in which a mortal possessed a demon must also be possible. If so, then possessing a demon could lead to immortality.3


Towers of the Fiendlorn

Fiendlorn established multiple redundant laboratories collectively known as the Towers of the Fiendlorn, each specializing in pursuing different paths to immortality. Each tower was maintained in Fiendlorn's absence by one of his assistants, and only Fiendlorn had complete access to each tower.2 His facilities also bore traps and tests for any who intruded upon them, particularly his associates or descendants.5

No complete list of the Towers of the Fiendlorn exists.2 Known towers included:


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