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The Everwar (also known as the Wars of Expansion) was a century-long war of conquest launched by the Empire of Cheliax to increase its holdings. It was begun in 4305 AR by King Haliad III and eventually expanded Chelish control into territories now known as Molthune, Nidal, Nirmathas, Varisia, and the Hold of Belkzen. The Everwar lasted through the reigns of five Chelish monarchs and finally ended in 4410 AR.123


King Haliad III first set his sites to the north, claiming land in what is now Molthune, Varisia,2 and Nidal. The Umbral Court of Nidal resist the Chelish invaders for decades, but finally surrendered to them in 4338 AR. After this, Nidal became heavily influenced by Chelish culture, even going to far as to open its ports to foreign trade, a practice that would have been considered unthinkable in the shadowy and xenophobic nation before then.4

During the Everwar, Cheliax sent an expeditionary force into northern Garund to secure the land south of the Arch of Aroden. A foothold was established in northwestern Rahadoum in the province of Kharijite. To this day, the people in that region consider themselves more Chelish than Rahadoumi.5

End of the Everwar

The Everwar finally came to a close in 4410 AR when the Chelish crown ceded its territorial ambitions in Varisia and the Hold of Belkzen.2


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