Citadel Gheisteno

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Citadel Gheisteno was the headquarters of the Order of the Crux, a now defunct order of mercenaries who claimed to be Hellknights. The order refused to disband after the Chelish Civil War and was destroyed by the Order of the Scourge in Desnus 4663 AR.12 The castle too was put to the torch, and it stood for over 50 years as a charred reminder to those who might oppose the Hell-inspired proponents of absolute law.34

In 4688 AR, a grim parody of the former fortress reappeared along with three undead graveknights who called themselves the Order of the Crux, and began to gather an army of deathless soldiers around them.564


Citadel Gheisteno can be found in the Menador Mountains along the Cheliax-Nidal border, near the source of the Southern Usk River.5 The newly raised castle bears a close resemblance to its destroyed namesake, with the most notable difference being countless charred black skulls that sit atop the mortar of the citadel's black walls.34


The countless undead of Gheisteno are led by the poison-shrouded Lictor Shokneir and his two graveknight lieutenants.54


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