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Titles High Mistress Feylanthe of the Shadowmoor; Governor
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Half-elf
Class Cleric 5 / Wizard 5 / Mystic theurge 3
Gender Female
Homeland Pangolais, Nidal
Deity Zon-Kuthon
Organization Umbral Court

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 25

High Mistress Feylanthe of the Shadowmoor is an influential member of the Umbral Court who governs Pangolais on behalf of the Black Triune. She is a beautiful woman with ivory hair, streaked with black, who likes wearing grey gowns with iridescent black feather capelets. As an administrator, she is disciplined and capable, but in her personal life, she is given to excesses that have killed numerous lovers, earning her a few enemies but none powerful enough to threaten her.[1]


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