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The Atteran Ranches of northern Nidal is a region famous for its horse breeding. Hemmed in by Conqueror's Bay to the west, the Uskwood to the south, and the Mindspin Mountains to the north and east, the inhabitants of the Ranches can trace their lineages all the way back to the native horselords of Nidal who inhabited the land before the Age of Darkness.[1]


The Atteran Ranches are home to independent, stoic horse ranchers and trainers with a proud tradition they claim predates Earthfall. Their most famous breeds are the dark and disciplined nidarrmars, and the hill country's swift wild horses known as chiardmars. Unwilling to cede complete control to the Umbral Court in Pangolais, the great ranching families maintain their own peace by keeping the countryside free of foreigners, and checking the excesses of the lesser ranching families. As they are largely successful at this, the Umbral Court has been willing to let them police themselves, although recent developments have begun to erode this autonomy. Pangolais suspects correctly that the Atteran Ranches has become a staging area for Desna-worshipers in Nidal. The well-spoken Vaide Atteran, head of the Atteran family, has been able to hold on to his independence (and the most lucrative contracts) by forming posses himself to hunt down these enemies. Dubbed dream hunters, they are largely comprised of outside mercenaries who scour the land for anyone showing allegiance to the Song of the Spheres.[1]

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