New Calignos

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New Calignos is a district of Pangolais, located southwest of the city proper.1 It is inhabited mostly by caligni, who try to replicate how Calignos, their ancestral home during the Age of Legend that they have never seen, would have looked like.2

The architecture of New Calignos is distinctive from the rest of Pangolais, in part due to swooping rooflines and ornately tiled walkways. Purple-hearted white star of Azlant flowers fill window boxes and tumble from plinths at street crossings, creating a subtle fragrance that deeply ingrains itself in the minds of those that grow up here. Every bakery sells leaf-shaped cakes filled with torani nut paste, and every family has a recipe for the duvai, savoury steamed dumplings that grandmothers serve to their grandchildren each birthday.2

It is dubious that New Calignos' traditions are authentic to the original Calignos: caligni scholars spend lifetimes searching historical records for bits of information about their ancestors, but the ancient Azlanti were a diverse people, and New Calignos' culture is not a recreation of how the actual people of Calignos once lived, but was artificially cobbled together from what little scholars know about numerous different Azlanti sub-cultures. Nevertheless, these traditions have been deeply rooted in the minds of the many generations of caligni that grew up with duvai dumplings and nut-paste cakes in New Calignos.2


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