New Thassilon

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New Thassilon
New Thassilon.
Land Avistan
Alignment Neutral
Capital Xin-Shalast
Ruler Sorshen and Belimarius
Government Arcane meritocracy
Adjective New Thassilonian
Languages Taldane, Thassilonian
Religions Nocticula
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Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 108

New Thassilon is a young nation located in northwestern Avistan, founded by the surviving runelords of ancient Thassilon.[1]


New Thassilon's territory is a sparsely-populated stretch of land encompassing most of the Kodar Mountains in northern Varisia. It is further divided into two regions: Eurythnia, which stretches from its capital Xin-Shalast to the western coast; and Edasseril, which consists of Peridot Isle, the deserted southern half of the Ironbound Archipelago, and the Mierani Forest. The two realms share a disputed border.[2][3]


Eurythnia is ruled by the former runelord, Sorshen, who does not involve herself often with the life of her subjects. She and her benefactor, the former demon lord Nocticula, seek to fashion Eurythnia and New Thassilon as a whole into a place where exiles, subversive artists, and misfits can call home. Having seen the deaths of her rivals who attempted to rule the modern world by force as they did in ancient Thassilon, Sorshen seeks to avoid following in their footsteps and to coexist peacefully with New Thassilon's neighbours.[1]

Belimarius, runelord of envy and ruler of Edasseril, continues to view nearby nations with jealousy. Sorshen knows that Belimarius is unstable, might threaten New Thassilon's peaceful existence, and will have to be dealt with eventually, but Sorshen allows her rival to forge her own fate and refuses to voice her dissent for now.[1]


In 4718 AR, after awakening from her slumber, Runelord Alaznist employed the Scepter of Ages to travel back in time and replace the history of Golarion with one where she rules over a New Thassilon stretching from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to Ustalav and Nidal and beyond. Her efforts were foiled by a group of adventurers working under her rival Sorshen. By the time Alaznist was defeated, most runelords were also dead, except Sorshen and Belimarius, who claimed the land that would become New Thassilon.[4][1][2]


Edasseril, the more aggressive of New Thassilon's two kingdoms, quickly found itself in conflict with the elves of the Mierani Forest and the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands. Belimarius's first major act as ruler was to overthrow the highly-unpopular Linnorm King Opir Eightfingers, whose realm of Southmoor lay just north of Edasseril, ironically earning the gratitude of those who hated Opir's posturing. Belimarius has recruited many denizens of the islands (notably giants and xulgaths), setting up Flintyreach as a hotly-contested territory, and seeks to seize the Nolands.[1][2]

In Eurythnia, the Nolands experienced immense development. Brinewall became a thriving port, and travel between the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and Varisia grew. The church of Nocticula, whose dogma aligns with Sorshen's policies, holds power nearly equal to that of a state religion.[2]

Many arcane spellcasters in New Thassilon are developing a new magical tradition, melding those of old Thassilon with new techniques, and have adapted the title of runelord for themselves. A vocal and quickly-growing faction among these modern runelords seek to emulate the ancient runelords' evil ways; some pledge their service to Belimarius or seek to undermine Sorshen, but most view themselves as rightful rulers, most notably Aethusa, who claims to be the reincarnation of two runelords of the same name. These modern runelords are opposed by a faction who see ancient Thassilon's wisdom and lore, but understand that their evil ways ultimately led to their defeat, and are more concerned with exploring their magical potential.[5]


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