Ironbound Archipelago

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The Ironbound Archipelago is a network of islands in the Steaming Sea off the north-western coast of Avistan. It consists of a chain of islands over 300 miles long. There are often considered to be thirteen major islands (if Mordant Spire is included), and countless minor ones. Many of the islands are uninhabited, but others are able to support sizeable communities.

The northernmost islands are generally claimed by various Linnorm Kings. The number varies, as islands often regain independence when a Linnorm King dies. Currently, the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands consists of five of the main islands and numerous smaller ones.12

The inhabitants of the rest are dour and independently-minded people who want only to be left alone. They survive mainly because their barren islands are not worth the trouble of conquering. If raiders approach, they either defend the steep cliffs or hide in the mountains.2


Running roughly from north to south, the main islands are:

Ironbound Islands

Independent Isles

Other Isles