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Realm of Wrath
Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath
Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 74

Bakrakhan (pronounced BAK-ra-khan),1 the realm of wrath, was one of the seven nations which formed the ancient empire of Thassilon in northwestern Avistan.2


At the time of its destruction caused by the impact of the Starstone, Bakrakhan was ruled by the runelord Alaznist.2 The eastern border of Bakrakhan was a mountain range known as the Rasp, which today forms the western coast of Varisia. Most of the kingdom sunk beneath the sea during Thassilon's destruction and now lies at the bottom of the Varisian Gulf. Bakrakhan was at constant war with neighboring Shalast and its ruler Karzoug, and to this day, remnants of their feud can be seen along the coast in the form of ruined towers which were once called hellstorm flumes.3 Other ruins of Alaznist's kingdom are the Irespan in Magnimar and the mysterious Hollow Mountain, which was once her capital city of Xin-Bakrakhan.4


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