Kerse Accord

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The peace treaty known as the Kerse Accord was signed in 2332 AR at Highhelm's Council Building, and ended the 700-year-long civil war (the 19th Five Kings Wars) between the five dwarven kingdoms in the Five Kings Mountains (Gardadth, Saggorak, Doggadth, Grakodan, and Taggoret).[1][2][3][4][5]

The negotiations for the treaty succeeded with the help of a delegation from Druma, who were brought in to broker a peace between the bellicose dwarven nations.[2][1] Great towering sculptures of the five kings who signed the Accord were carved into the highest peaks of the mountains to commemorate the event.[2] As a result, Highhelm became a location of prominence and hosted a permanent council formed from delegates of the five kingdoms.[1] The treaty also resulted in the humans of Druma being granted access to the incredible mineral resources of the Five Kings Mountains, greatly increasing the Kalistocracy's wealth.[6]

Peace between the five dwarven kingdoms lasted until 2497 AR, when all of Gardadth—except for the city of Highhelm—fell to an orc onslaught.[1][2][4]


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