Kerse Accord

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The peace treaty known as the Kerse Accord was signed in 2332 AR at Highhelm's Council Building, and ended the 700-year-long civil war (the 19th Five Kings Wars) between the five dwarven kingdoms in the Five Kings Mountains (Gardadth, Saggorak, Doggadth, Grakodan, and Taggoret).12345

The negotiations for the treaty succeeded with the help of a delegation from Druma, who were brought in to broker a peace between the bellicose dwarven nations.21 Great towering sculptures of the five kings who signed the Accord were carved into the highest peaks of the mountains to commemorate the event.2 As a result, Highhelm became a location of prominence and hosted a permanent council formed from delegates of the five kingdoms.1 The treaty also resulted in the humans of Druma being granted access to the incredible mineral resources of the Five Kings Mountains, greatly increasing the Kalistocracy's wealth.6

Peace between the five dwarven kingdoms lasted until 2497 AR, when all of Gardadth—except for the city of Highhelm—fell to an orc onslaught.124


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