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The Runelord Belimarius.

Runelord of Envy;
Queen of Edasseril
Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 62 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 34–35 (2E)

Belimarius (pronounced bell-uh-MARE-eh-us)1 was the tenth and final runelord of envy and ruler of the ancient Thassilonian realm of Edasseril, the Realm of Envy, reigning from -5402 AR until the end of Thassilon in -5293 AR.234 After adventurers freed her and her fellow inhabitants of Edasseril's capital, Xin-Edasseril, from captivity very recently, she took up the reigns of leadership once again, now as half of the nation of New Thassilon.5


Belimarius came from a wealthy but low-born family. She applied to study at the Arcanium Abjurant, the top wizardry school in Edasseril, but was rejected and given an offer to become a rural tax collector. With few other prospects, she accepted the job while studying magic in her free time. By employing blackmail, slander, theft, and murder, she rose quickly in the ranks of Edasseril's bureaucracy.67

Rise to power

At the age of 20, Belimarius was one of the most influential financial bureaucrats in Edasseril. When she turned 21, she was enraged by how Vexnill, the daughter of the then-runelord of envy Phirandi's treasurer, whom she hated, was accepted into the Arcanium Abjurant. She murdered Vexnill, planning to convince the Arcanium to accept her in Vexnill's place. Her plan worked too well: Runelord Phirandi, impressed by her potential, took Belimarius on as an apprentice.67

Belimarius served Phirandi as his adviser and apprentice for four decades. When she suspected that Phirandi was holding her back from her true potential to be the ruler of Edasseril, she poisoned his other apprentices, stripped him of his magical defenses, and imprisoned him within a transparent coffin of magical force. She then assumed the title of runelord and placed the still living Phirandi in her throne room in Miasmoria, where he remained for the rest of her reign. Her first act as runelord was to move Xin-Edasseril, capital of the realm, to her hometown in the east, near the borders with Cyrusian and Mierani.67

Ruler of ancient Edasseril

Belimarius was a constant schemer who obsessed about defending her realm, her magic, and her fortune from the other six runelords, using intrigue, assassination, and poison to do so. They paid very little attention to her, however, as her name is barely mentioned in the few documents that have survived to the present age. Although she was a ruthless tyrant, she was also the most effective ruler of Edasseril during its lifetime: its food stores, exports, imports, magic, and quality of life all vastly improved under her reign.6

Preparing for Earthfall

Like the other runelords, Belimarius knew of the coming impact of Earthfall and made careful preparations to survive the event. She knew that using a runewell to create a personal demiplane was the best method, but due to her neglect of magical studies during her reign, she was not powerful enough to create a runewell: only Karzoug, Alaznist, Sorshen, and Xanderghul could. After contemplating many options, she decided to pay Karzoug a huge hoard of gold and treasures in exchange for his help. Karzoug accepted the payment, but he had no intention to help a rival, so he gave her bad advice, and Belimarius never had the time to investigate Karzoug's aid to discover his trap.73

When Belimarius tried to use the runewell to create the Eye of Jealousy to avoid Earthfall, it imploded, trapping Xin-Edasseril with Belimarius and many of her trusted allies in a sphere outside of time, encased in a crystal sphere called Crystilan by the local Varisians, where they lived the final week before Earthfall again and again, never ageing or remembering anything they learnt during that time.3

Modern reemergence

In 4718 AR, Alaznist used the Scepter of Ages to trap her foes in Crystilan, breaking the temporal loop. The truth of the situation became known to the residents of the city, causing Belimarius' control to waver momentarily before she reasserted control.3 She then stepped out of time and took up the reigns of leadership once again, now as half of the new nation of New Thassilon.5

New Thassilon

Amidst enemies from all sides—land thieves, traitors to Thassilon's legacy, and those attempting to undermine her return—Runelord Belimarius has reconstructed her armies and broadened her domain. She's advanced into the Mierani Forest, Ironbound Islands, and Varisia's Nolands. This expansion has led to conflicts with bandits, outcasts, elves, and some linnorm kings, but it has also gained her allegiance from giant clans, xulgath clutches, and more. Despite her numerous successes, the commanding runelord seeks to acquire even grander subjects, offering substantial rewards for dragon eggs and wyrmlings.5

While Edasseril's armies decisively dealt with the unpopular Linnorm King Opir Eightfingers following his provocations, White Estrid's forces in Flintyreach have been astute in denying Belimarius any pretext for retaliation. Belimarius, in turn, plans to eliminate White Estrid's linnorm servant Boiltongue and secure his head, a move that could both overthrow White Estrid and provide Belimarius with a valid claim to the Halgrim throne. Despite her multifront expansion, Runelord Belimarius remains secluded within Xin-Edasseril's palace, Miasmoria. Cautious of risking herself and suspicious of potential challengers to her claim, Belimarius issues orders through trusted aides or mercenaries or via magic. Many of these hired soldiers are guided toward Thassilonian monuments and vaults coveted by Belimarius. Foremost among these locations was the Rune-Crossed Crucible, a magical laboratory situated at a potent convergence of ley lines. Much to the runelord's frustration, this site no longer exists; it was plucked from the Material Plane and claimed by the sorceress Hao Jin. Despite her intentions to address this theft, Belimarius has yet to take action against the self-proclaimed Ruby Phoenix.5

Recent developments

Recently, Belimarius has also turned her attention to acquiring the ancient Thassilonian artifacts known as runewells. These devices stored the sins of deceased individuals and, if restored, could potentially allow Belimarius to raise an army of sinspawn. Thankfully for her adversaries, the components needed for such restoration are challenging to obtain.5


A portrait of Belimarius.

Belimarius was among the oldest-looking of the runelords at the time of Earthfall. Frequently depicted as a heavy-set woman with a perpetual sneer on her face, she carries an ebony rod of cancellation and a magical mirror that can speak with her at all times. Belimarius' symbol of office is her Invidious Halberd, originally created by First King Xin for the first runelord of envy Naaft.68

Belimarius's magic

Thought to have been a potent abjurer, Belimarius is believed to have been one of the three spellcasters to have first created undead shadows.9


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