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Titles Pious Kingdom of Saggorak
Land Five Kings Mountains
Ruler King Harral (last king)
Government Monarchy
Languages Dwarven

Source: Dwarves of Golarion, pg(s). 14-16

The Pious Kingdom of Saggorak was one of the five dwarven kingdoms established in Five Kings Mountains. It was founded by Saggorn the Holy, in 1559 AR.

During the orc invasions that began in 2492 AR, the great city of Saggorak was blockaded by the orcs in 2507 AR. The city fell to them in 2519 AR after a 12-year siege but only when its last defenders starved to death.[1] The orcs pillaged Saggorak until its citizens rose up as undead. Hundreds of orcs fell in battle and joined the ranks of Saggorak's defenders until the survivors were forced to flee. Since then, the undead have protected the city from numerous threats, from opportunistic orcs to monsters from the Darklands.[2]

The last king of Saggorak was King Harral. He was one of the five kings who signed the peace treaty of Kerse Accord. His image is depicted on a huge monument carved into the storm-crowned heights of the Lighting Top mountain. He was among the dwarves who perished during the orc siege.[3]

When Khadon the Mighty tried to reclaim Saggorak 700 years later, the city's undead dwarves saw him as another invader. Unprepared for warfare against the dead and recognising that he would need many troops to protect the nearby Darklands entrance, Khadon decided to wall off Saggorak and establish the new city of Kovlar in a much smaller area, in the southern outskirts of the great city. The undead of Saggorak have shown little interest in reclaiming Kovlar, while serving as a buffer between Kovlar's living citizens and threats from the Darklands.[4][5]