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Titles Realm of Gluttony
Land Thassilon
Capital Xin-Gastash
Ruler Zutha, Runelord of Gluttony
Religions Peacock Spirit

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 75

Gastash (pronounced GAS-tash)[1] was the Thassilonian realm of Zutha, the runelord of gluttony.[2] Its borders were similar to the modern-day Hold of Belkzen, stretching from the Kodar and Mindspin Mountains in the west to the Tusk Mountains and Fangwood to the east.[3]

It was a peaceful and plentiful land overflowing with abundance. Its soil was fertile and there was always plenty of food left after the harvest. Gastash made a lot of profit selling its food to less agriculturally rich domains. Despite its peaceful and abundant appearance, Gastash still faced some serious problems. Its abundance attracted bandits and other raiders and the realm was infested with both ankhegs and bulettes, which spent a lot of their time gorging on nearby villagers. Despite these problems, Gastash was still a land of abundance and one of the better Thassilonian domains to live in.[2]


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