Kingdom of Zog

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Kingdom of Zog

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23-25

The Kingdom of Zog was a small empire of goblins ruled by a dynasty of seven barghests in the River Kingdoms.

First created in 4071 AR, the kingdom sprang up after goblins overwhelmed the young kingdom of Alban (modern-day Lambreth) and took its place as master of the region. Ruled over by barghests, the empire survived until 4217 AR when the Yellowtongue Sickness swept through the region, crippling the kingdom. It then fell to a loose coalition of adventurers, riverfolk, and half-elves that same year.1

The goblins of Zog left behind many pits, delves, and hidden cave complexes that have yet to be explored.2