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Haskodar Clan

Orc tribe
Source: Orcs of Golarion, pg(s). 15

The Haskodar tribe, or Haskodar Clan, of orcs wars for control of the city of Blisterwell with the One Eye tribe. The clan is led by Tulluk Clovenface who hates deeply Molkk Dwarf-Mangler, the leader of the One Eye tribe.1 Tulluk is supported in his war with the One Eye tribe by the clan shaman, Ysok Rockcaller. The Haskodar are not originally from the Hold of Belkzen, they are in fact a Darklands orc tribe. They emerged onto the surface in 4701 AR as part of a truce with their long-time rivals, the duergar of Fellstrok. Having long warred across Nar-Voth with the duergar, the Haskodar tribe agreed to peace in exchange for large amounts of slaves and high-quality duergar weapons and armour. War Marshal Brithuan granted the Haskodar this in exchange for them attacking and conquering the orc surface city of Blisterwell. Unbeknownst to the Haskodar tribe, War Marshal Brithuan plans to use Blisterwell as a beachhead in his effort to destabilise Grask Uldeth's control of Urgir, hopefully allowing him to place an orc puppet on the throne and allowing him to expand his slaving operation.2

The renowned half-orc warpriest adventurer, Oloch, was also a member of the Haskodar tribe before venturing out on his own.3


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