Pillars of Kreth

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The Pillars of Kreth are located on the plains just west of the Flood Road in northern Belkzen. The Pillars are a series of eleven dolmens - massive vertical standing stones topped with flat lintels. The site was discovered by the orc Kreth but the orcs are superstitious by nature and they have never revisited the Pillars of Kreth since then. The first ten dolmens are each between 8 and 9 feet in height, 3 feet wide and 2 feet thick. The linels are 3 feet thick, overhanging the stones beneath them by approximately a foot on all sides. The easternmost dolmen is only around 4 feet high. The stones seem to have been worked by primitive hand tools and contain numerous symbols and pictograms that correspond to no known language. Some of the symbols are clearly stars, comets, and planets. The eleven dolmens forms an irregular tunnel that once a year aligns with the red planet Akiton. During this time the sky above the Pillars turns strange colors, and a vibration can be felt from half a mile away. As the vibrations become stronger, a torus of churning auroral light rises a mile above the site and a pulse of energy passes through the first ten dolmens and strikes the top of the easternmost one. Anything on top of the last dolmen dissapears for ever. 1

Pathfinders who have studied the Pillars of Kreth believe that they could be a kind of interplanetary transportation device, similar to the Doorway to the Red Star in the Mwangi Expanse or the Maze of the Open Road in Galt.1


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