Dead Eye tribe

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Dead Eye tribe

Orc tribe

The Dead Eye tribe is a clan of orcs who live in the Hold of Belkzen. They live in crude villages scattered throughout the Kodar Mountains, near the Brimstone Haruspex. Their primary religion is that of a one-eyed orc deity. Although the name of this entity has been lost, they claim it to be Rovagug's father.12

The mountain orcs of the Dead Eye tribe are primitive and cruel even by orc standards. Their filthy caves are located between the Brimstone Haruspex and the Dirt Sea. They used to raid against "civilized" tribes and eat their victims. They consider themselves the keepers of the original orc culture. The barbarian Faceripper is the current leader of the Dead Eye tribe. The ancient one-eyed deity they worship is called Brumash.2


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