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The Battle of the Shadefields took place in 4519 AR on the Blood Plains in the western Hold of Belkzen where the southern foothills of the Kodar Mountains meet the Storval Plateau. The battle site is marked by a simple stone cairn that commemorates one of the fiercest battles ever fought between the orcs and the Shoanti of Varisia's Storval Plateau.1

The battle

Being heavily outnumbered, the Shoanti fighters recognized the futility of direct confrontation with the orc army, so they employed a strategic ambush in the treacherous Urglin Gap, where the Shoanti trapped the invaders between a seasonal riverbed and a formidable cliff.1

In a desperate bid to safeguard their ancestral territories from future orc incursion, the shamans of the Lyrune-Quah made a courageous sacrifice. Through a solemn ceremony, they willingly relinquished their lives, joined by twenty of their bravest warriors, forging an everlasting spiritual bond between their essence and the land itself. As the orcs surged forward, they were met with an awe-inspiring emberstorm, resounding with the furious voices of the Shoanti. This ferocious tempest ravaged the invaders, reduced them to charred remnants, and compelled them to hastily retreat towards the east.1

The aftermath

Since that fateful day, the Shadefields have remained a hallowed site, instilling trepidation in any army that ventures within a 20-mile radius, as the spirits of the fallen Shoanti warriors stir from their slumber.1


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