Skull Hill

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Skull Hill is a Chelish fort located in the southern reaches of the Hold of Belkzen in a region known as the Skittermounds.1

The fortification marks the furthest extent of the Everwar campaign and the conquest of Cheliax. The fort was used for mercenary recruitment and weapons trading. Skull Hill consists of a motte and bailey keep, surrounded by a wooden wall with a surrounding moat.2

Until recently, it was believed to have been destroyed not long after the events of the Everwar but, in fact, continued to be used as part of a spy network to monitor orc activities: an attempt by Cheliax to ensure the protection of its southern territories.3

The fortress was invaded and sacked in 4709 AR by a tribe of orcs known as the Skittering Ravagers who had been terrorising the region for years.4