Blood Plains

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Blood Plains
The Blood Plains: battling orcs and Shoanti
Nation Hold of Belkzen
Alignment Chaotic evil
Capital None
Ruler None
Government Tribal
Demonym Orcs
Languages Orc
Religions Rovagug, Orc pantheon deities

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 6-9

The Blood Plains are a region of the Hold of Belkzen bordered roughly by the Kodar Mountains to the north, the Mindspin Mountains in the south, and the Flood Road to the east. The region is characterized by near-constant warfare between the orcs of Belkzen and the Shoanti of eastern Varisia (particularly the Lyrune-Quah and Sklar-Quah tribes).1

Places of Interest

The most notable places in the Blood Plains include two old battlegrounds, the Battle of Screaming Tree and the Battle of the Shadefields, the forbidding castle known as Scarwall, the mystical Seraph's Ladder, and the mountain-sized sculpture called the Sleeper. Two orc settlements are also located here: the anarchic Blisterwell, and the Foundry, the source of much of Belkzen's arms and armor.1

Flora and Fauna

The plains of western Belkzen are an arid wasteland with little surface water. Wild dogs are common, as are Belkzen pumas, and the occasional bulette.1