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The Sleeper is a gigantic monument found in the northeastern-most spur of the Mindspin Mountains within the Hold of Belkzen. It resembles an enormous dragon wrapped around an actual mountaintop. Steam or smoke seems to emanate from its massive maw, big enough to fit an entire house.12

The sculpture is actually a series of chambers coiled around the mountain peak that eventually lead into its hollow interior. Beneath the Sleeper, deep in the heart of the mountain, lies the ancient city of Xin-Gastash.3 The gigantic monument was actually the great entrance to the ancient city, capital of the Thassilonian realm of Gluttony. Belkzen natives now call the sculpture the Sleeper. Only the bravest climb the mountain's slopes, much less enter the interior chambers. The local orcs, being naturally superstitious stay away from the Sleeper and consider it a cursed ruin full of bad magic. The chambers within the Sleeper are mostly intact although many of them show signs of earthquake damage.4


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