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The Foundry

Small town
Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 8-9

The Foundry is an ancient fortress constructed centuries ago in the eastern Kodar Mountains at the height of dwarven power on the surface of Golarion. Then called the Ironhearth Foundry, they dedicated it entirely to the pursuit of metallurgy, engineering, and smithing, taking advantage of the surplus of nearby mines. Like the Sky Citadel of Urgir, the Ironhearth Foundry eventually fell to the orc hordes.1

The fortress now is home to Steel Eaters, a cult of tribeless and half-mad orc smiths and engineers. They use the ancient dwarven metalworks to manufacture new orc arms and siege weapons. The other orc tribes have learned the lesson that to try to get the Foundry by force is very risky. Steel Eaters produce the best weapons in the region and sell them to all tribes without bias, means that the tribe who will anger the cult will come in disadvantage.2