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Small city
8,190 orcs, 680 humans, 490 mongrelmen, 200 half-orcs, 190 others
Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 7-8

The settlement of Blisterwell was once an extensive dwarven quarry and strip mine that fell under orc control with the coming of the warlord Belkzen in -4213 AR. It has stayed in orc hands ever since, but is now a hotly contested urban battleground between two tribes: the Haskodars and the One Eyes.12


Blisterwell is located in the central region of the Hold of Belkzen, called the Blood Plains, south-east of the Kodar Mountains and to the west of the Flood Road. The ancient battlefields of the Battle of Screaming Tree and the Battle of the Shadefields can be found nearby as evidence of the regions turbulent history.3

The settlement itself is built into a massive, ancient pit mine, the shape of an inverted cone. A vast network of dwellings have been carved into the walls of its deep shafts and trenches.1


Blisterwell is the Hold of Belkzen's third most populous settlement, favoured by the orcs for its dank pits and caverns. At night the fires of its forges reflect off the stagnant lake that has collected in its bottom.14


The Haskodar and One Eye tribes are the current residents of Blisterwell, and these tribes maintain an uneasy alliance in governing the settlement.5


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