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Dragonscar is the name given to the ruins ruins of the former town of Talamir that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption and the ravages of a rampaging red dragon. Dragonscar sits in the southern reaches of Krearis Prefecture in Taldor, amongst the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains and tragically close to the volcano Blackpeak. Long thought dormant, in 4486 AR Blackpeak erupted, showering Talamir in ash and lava. Worse this eruption awakened the red dragon Horranath, who then proceed to kill or drive off anyone who hadn't died during the initial eruption. Nowadays Dragonscar remains a desolate, ash-encrusted wasteland where Horranath still dwells, its desolate streets now haunted by fiery undead. The town of Dalaston is near enough Dragonscar that its residents can never truly put it from their minds, but as long as Horranath and the ruin's fiery undead don't stray too far afield then Dalaston's resident uneasily tolerate it as best they can.1


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