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Underworld dragon

Underworld dragons are a malicious race of fire-breathing imperial dragons who inhabit the Darklands of the continent of Tian Xia. Also known as futsanglungs, these dragons are calculating and greedy, and construct elaborate underground labyrinths for their lairs.[1][2]


Underworld dragons are typically colored in dark purples and reds with glowing scales. The hair of an underworld dragon moves like waves of fire and their eyes flow even more fiercely than their scales. Superheated air escaping their mouths often obscures their image with heat distortion.[3]


The breath weapon of the underworld dragon is a deadly blast of fire, though in the form of a ball that explodes some distance away rather than the cone of the red dragon. Claws of underworld dragons are infused with adamantine, enabling them to rend armor and other objects almost as easy as flesh. Older underworld dragons' inner heat extends several feet beyond their persons, creating an aura of miserable conditions near the dragons.[4] Ancient underworld dragons are able to burst out this inner fire, scorching the earth in all directions around them.[5]

Despite all of these abilities, underworld dragons are generally considered as the weakest of the imperial dragons. Even their connection to the draconic cycle only offers a slight increase in the force of their breath weapons when struck with wood or plant-aspected spells. Water also has a damaging effect on underworld dragons, weakening them overall.[4]

Known underworld dragons

The great wyrm Jirukarakaza makes his lair under the Three Fires, volcanic mountains in eastern Tian Xia. Jirukarakaza has come into conflict with Minkai in the past, and the jealous dragon will likely seek his revenge.[5]


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