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Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 78-82

Azi1 are an ancient race of arrogant, nefarious, destructive dragons linked to the divs.2


The first azi were a joint creation of Ahriman, the Lord of the Divs, and Dahak, the evil dragon god, to vex and destroy the followers of the good dragon god, Apsu.2


Azi combine the worst elements of draconic arrogance and greed with the destructive, violent nature of the divs. Believing themselves a race of nobles combining the blood of dragons and gods, the supremely proud azi see all non-dragons as toys to be dominated and killed. Azi are native to tropical climates and are all capable of laying curses.2


Azi are hated by all kinds of true dragons, good or evil. Chromatic dragons, even young ones, rarely deal with the azi and innately look down on them, and the feeling is mutual. Good dragons universally attempt to eliminate azi, with even more passion than they normally show to chromatic dragons. Similarly, most mortals bear a deep hatred for the azi and many folk tales tell of great heroes slaying them. Azi sneer at such tales, and can find an excuse to rampage and prove their strength at the mere suggestion of one of their kind being slain by inferior races.2

Typically solitary creatures, azi only rarely and grudgingly come into the service of a zahhak, the most powerful of their kind.3

Species of azi

  • Gandarevas, marine azi that prey on ships and collect riches.4
  • Sruvaras, the smallest kind of azi dwelling in polluted regions and known for their extreme toxicity.5
  • Zahhaks, the most powerful azi who live as petty tyrants and dictators and are capable of resurrecting victims as ghouls, or speaking a curse that grounds flying creatures.6


  1. Azi is the singular and plural.
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