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A pseudodragon.

Temperate forests
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 229

The pseudodragon is a miniature cousin of a true dragon whose bodies rarely grow to more than a foot in length. Their tails are tipped with a sharp barb, through which they can deliver a powerful soporific poison.1

House drakes of Korvosa

The flying, purple creatures who make their homes in the the rooftops of Korvosa are actually not pseudodragons at all, but a local sub-species known as house drakes.2 They are in constant conflict with the large number of imps brought to the city by the summoners of the Acadamae. Many of Korvosa's nobles decorate their roofs with tiny amounts of precious metals, among them silver-lined weather vanes, shingles, and gutters designed to catch the sunlight to give their homes a distinctive sparkle in the sunlight. By spending years sharpening stings and teeth against these silver-enhanced decorations, or sneaking drinks of holy water from outdoor fonts at various temples, some house drakes have effectively transformed themselves into deadly weapons against the city's imps.3


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