Ice linnorm

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Ice linnorm

Ice linnorms are vicious creatures of the linnorm family that dwell amid the glacial crevasses and wind-blasted peaks of Golarion's coldest mountains. Tales speak of climbers unwittingly clambering over the flanks of a particularly immense ice linnorm coiled around a mountain, only to find death at its furious fangs and claws at the summit of their goal.1

Appearance and ecology

A Linnorm King stands over the body of a defeated ice linnorm.

An ice linnorm has a long, serpentine body with two forearms and a horned, draconic head. These massive, solitary creatures can reach lengths up to 90 feet and weigh up to 18,000 pounds. During the fiercest winters, ice linnorms are said to climb down to the lowlands to devour entire villages.1


An ice linnorm can exhale a cone of freezing, ooze-like material that inflicts harm and then hardens into ice, potentially trapping its victims. The creature can also fight with its venomous bite, sharp claws, and powerful tail.1

Those powerful (or lucky) enough to kill an ice linnorm risk its dying curse, which makes its target extremely vulnerable to the cold.1

Notable ice linnorms


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